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Configuration and editorial management in the Open Journal System OJS version 3 platform.


This course is aimed at personnel who are part of an editorial team such as editors and editors of OJS magazines; OJS managers, support staff of scientific journals and the general public who are interested in learning about the process of managing digital scientific journals. It is intended that the participants acquire general knowledge of journal management systems, technical requirements for the installation of OJS, as well as the digital publication cycle of new issues.


  • Know the main utilities and general characteristics of the platform for publishing scientific journals Open Journal Systems OJS 3.
  • Deepen the configuration of a journal in the Open Journal Systems OJS 3 platform, as well as create menus and pages with personalized information.
  • Deepen the knowledge to carry out the process of the editorial flow of the Open Journal Systems (OJS) platform related to the reception of articles, follow-up and the publication of the final galley of the article.


  • General understanding of OJS functions
  • Lay the foundations for the training and direction of an editorial team.
  • Lay the foundations to improve the workflow of your team
  • Fully understand the Editorial Flow in OJS 3
  • Support your editorial team in the work stages
  • Solve difficulties that may arise in the editorial flow
  • Manage the entire editorial flow through OJS 3
  • Edit basic editorial flow settings
  • Modify all possible elements in your OJS


  • The course combines the teacher's presentation with the application of the topics covered in the session, also encourages communication and active participation of attendees to achieve a better understanding of the topics under study.


  • From May 15 to 17, 2023. From 10 am to 1 pm Mexico time.


  • Minimum experience in the OJS 3 platform


  • Computer, internet.

Proposed cost:

  • $1,000 Mexican pesos


  1. Introduction to OJS 3
    1. Beginnings of the Public Knowledge Project
    2. Systems for the management of Academic Journals (Open Source).
    3. OJS Versions
    4. OJS 3 functionalities
    5. General characteristics of the configuration
    6. Requirements for installing OJS
    7. Registration and login
    8. Users and Roles: (Authors, Editors, Reviewers, Readers and Managers)
    9. User Management: Records / Search / Add
  1. Magazine setup
    1. Create custom pages
    2. Edit website menu
    3. Configure guidelines for authors
    4. Edit checklist
    5. Sections of the Magazine
  1. Registration and submission of articles
    1. Shipment components
    2. Stages of a shipment
    3. Make shipments
    4. Load and edit references
  1. Stages of the editorial process
    1. Reply to an article submission by the author
    2. Assign editors to articles
    3. Assign peer reviewers of the articles
    4. Production Send to Post
    5. Upload galleys
    6. Crossref (Digital Object Identifier DOI)
    7. Creative Commons licenses
    8. Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID)
  1. Publication of the number
    1. Create, edit and publish issues
    2. Edit shipments