The "screening" mechanism in Central Europe. A challenge for Mexico




Foreign investment, protectionism, screening mechanis


The general objective of this article is to analyze protectionist practices in relation to Foreign Direct Investment introduced in recent years in Central Europe, as well as their implications for Mexico. To protect the European market from abusive practices, the European Union created the screening mechanism based on the European Union Regulation No. 2019/452 of 2019. The Central European countries implemented these provisions in their legal frameworks. What are the implications of these legal frameworks for the economic relationship with Mexico? The comparative method was applied with regard to legal frameworks, as well as the analysis of empirical data. With the research technique of documentary review, the type of research is qualitative. Among the main findings, it is considered that the post-pandemic perspective of economic recovery cooperation will be a challenge due to protectionist practices, including a challenge for Mexico to strengthen ties with Central Europe. Therefore, the development of strategic fields of mutual benefit is considered in the areas of renewable energy, sustainable urban transport, and joint projects at the municipal level.


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Author Biography

Lukasz Czarnecki, Universidad Pedagógica de Cracovia, Polonia

Abogado por la Universidad Jagellona de Cracovia; colaborador con Centre for Antitrust and Regulatory Studies (CARS) de la Universidad de Varsovia.Email: ; Orcid:


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